Welcome to Odds & Soxlets my small handmade business run from my home studio in north Dorset (UK).  As an Artist, Illustrator and creative designer I have a passion for all things handmade. I love to design and make a variety of unique handmade creations for babies and children alongside being a specialist toy noise insert supplier to the handmade world.


As the festive season is now upon Odds & Soxlets is now closed for orders to allow me to spend time with my family over this period.

My ebay and Etsy shops will both be closed during this period however my website will remain open for my noise inserts. Any orders now placed through to 6th January will not be processed until I re-commence work on the 7th January. If you place an order during this time please add the code 10FESTIVE14 to your check out to receive 10% off your order as a little thank you and your patience during my festive break.

New order slots for my memory makes and toys will be released over the 2nd weekend of the New Year, full details will be announced on my fb page in due course.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year x








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