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  1. Hi I am looking for a sound insert for my Grandsons bear. It was bought from the buildabear workshop approximately 3 yrs ago & the insert has stopped working. It made a giggling sound. BB workshop will not sell me a new insert sighting health & safety small parts & all that jargon, as if I am going to give it to the child to swallow. I wouldn’t mind but when it was bought two of the seams came undone & the unit fell out in his pram. I had to repair it then. there was no question of taking it back as he would barely let go of it. Do you do anything that would replace the now defective insert please.

    • Hi Avril, Unfortunately we do not supply any electronic inserts due to the toy safety laws that apply to them and handmade toys. Have you tried to contact The Build-a-Bear Workshop customer services as they may be able to supply you with a new insert for your toy. Best Regards Odds & Soxlets.

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