Handmade Toy Noise Inserts – How they sound!

Handmade Toy Noise Inserts – How they sound!

Here is a little video to show you how each of the toy noise inserts that I sell sound and the difference between each of them. You will hear 3 different sizes of rattle disc, 4 sets of squeakers, jingle and tweet columns along with crinkle material.

If you would like further details or would like to make a purchase of any of my inserts please visit my ETSY SHOP.

CE Marking for Handmade Toys

All handmade toys made and sold in the EU require CE marking. Internal components to handmade toys do not require EN71 part 3 testing as they should not be accessible to a child. It is recommended that any toy noise insert is placed within a sealed fabric pouch before placing inside a stuffed toy for extra safety and your finished toys should be tested for EN71 parts 1 and 2 and all other external parts will require EN71 part 3 certificates. For further information about CE marking and handmade toys please pop over to my blog HERE.

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