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The law regarding children’s toys and CE marking changed back in July 2011 and the new Toy Safety Directive came into force. This meant that all products designed or intended (whether or not exclusively) for use in play by children under the age of 14 are required by law to have a CE logo and all soft toys must adhere to the EN71 parts 1-3 regulations and be made suitable from birth.

This includes handmade products that also look like toys even if you have specified they are are for decorative purposes and not suitable for those under the age of 14 years. The only exception to this is Christmas/novelty decorations although they do have to comply with general product safety standards. As this is a legal requirement now for any toy which is manufactured and sold in the UK and EU you can be fined £5000 or even receive a prison sentence if you are making and selling toys without the CE mark.

Odds & Soxlets Handmade Toys
All of my handmade toys and any accessories/clothing they come with have been fully tested in the UK to conform with the EN71 Soft Toy Safety Regulations 2011. They conform to EN 71 parts 1-2 2011 and EN71-3 2013 and carry the CE logo on their labels and are suitable for all ages.

Please Note – My Biddy / Iddy and Twiddy monstroubles are all made with a fluffy long pile fabric and are recommended for children over 12 months of age as the fur fabric may shred.

Labels & Pin Badges
All tag labels are for information only so please remove the label along with the attached ribbon before giving it to a child. Please retain this label for future reference. Some of my products come with a decorative pin badge. This is for decoration only and must be removed before giving the product to a child.

Care Instructions
All of my handmade toys can be fully  washed by hand or by machine. Due to 100% woolen felt used within their features they should be washed using a cold delicate cycle. I highly recommend using a wash bag or pillow case to put your creation in and it must be washed with similar colours only. Each creation may need a little re-shaping after washing and it is best to air dry them. Please note they should NOT be tumble dried.

Quality Control
Although every effort is made to ensure our handmade toys are of the highest quality, if you experience a problem with your product please comment below and email me at: with full details so that I can deal with your issue immediately.

Please Note: Odds & Soxlets will only take responsibility for genuine faults to any of our toys or damage caused to your package during delivery . We will not take responsibility for any damaged caused to one of our handmade toys including their clothing/accessories if they have been incorrectly washed, have general wear and tear or have been mistreated.


Handmade Toys – CE Marking
If you would like further information on how to CE mark your handmade toys then you can read more about it HERE over on our blog.

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