Dinkie Dollies


A collection of gorgeous handmade dolls all of which have been lovingly handmade to my own patterns and creative imagination! Some of my dinkie dollies are based on little boys and girls and others on rather cute and quirky fury animals. Each doll has been made from new materials using a combination of designer cottons, plush and fleece fabrics, 100% woolen felt with embroidered features. All of my handmade toys have been fully tested to the EN71 toy safety directive and proudly carry the CE mark. Each handmade toy is suitable from birth upwards.

Taglet Dolls

My taglet dolls are especially designed sensory toys for newborns and babies. Each taglet doll has been made by hand with love and care, they each have a variety of coloured and/or textured fabrics and ribbon tags which are perfect for tiny hands to explore. Each one makes a unique sound making them the perfect sensory toy for your little one.

Ready Made Taglet Dolls

I’m sorry their are currently no Taglet Dolls for sale.
Please pop back again another day and hopefully I shall have made some more!

Dinkie Dolls

My dinkie dolls have been designed with toddlers and older children in mind to use in role play. Some of my dinkie dolls come with their own dress up clothing allowing children to develop various skills through undressing and dressing their dollie and learning through play.

Ready Made Dinkie Dolls

I’m sorry their are currently no Dinkie Dolls for sale.
Please pop back again another day and hopefully I shall have made some more!

Care Instructions

All of my handmade toys can be fully  washed by hand or by machine. Due to 100% woolen felt used within their features they should be washed using a cold delicate cycle. I highly recommend using a wash bag or pillow case to put your creation in and it must be washed with similar colours only. Each creation may need a little re-shaping after washing and it is best to air dry them. Please note they should NOT be tumble dried.

Photo Gallery

Most of my dolls are one of a kind creations which makes them extra special for a little (or big) person to own. Here is a small selection of my previously made ‘dinkie dollies’ over the past couple of years.


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