FREE Children’s Pirate Hat Pattern


FREE Children’s Pirate Hat Pattern

After my little boy attended World Book Day earlier this year dresses up as one of Black Bloomers pirates from the book ‘Pirates Love Underpants’ by Clare Freedman and Ben Cort, I thought I would share the pattern I designed for his new pirate hat. As this pattern is based on the illustrations with in this book, this pattern is for personal use ONLY as must not be re-sold as a pattern or used to make hats for re-sale.

You can download the pattern below by clicking on each image and saving to your pc, tablet or phone, then just print each page out onto an A4 sheets of paper and follow the instructions below. This pattern was made to fit a child aged 4 years with a head circumference of 52cm. This pattern should fit a head of 52-54cm and can be made smaller or enlarged to fit a different sized head.




Printer & Plain Paper or Card / Paper Scissors
Coloured sheets of felt – Black / White / Yellow and Red
Sewing Pins / Thread & Needle or Sewing Machine / Sewing Scissors


  • Once you have download the pattern, print and cut out all of the pattern pieces.
  • Lay each piece onto the coloured felt, pin and cut out. Remember to cut the main hat and bandana cap on the fold and then you should have all the pattern pieces shown in the photo below (2 of the black main hat, 2 yellow trims, 1 skull, 2 eyes, 1 nose, 1 mouth, 1 cross bones and 2 of the red bandana cap)


  • Lay the black eyes, nose and mouth onto the white skull and pin in place.


  • Sew in place either by hand or machine (I used a close zig zag stitch on my sewing machine to applique the skull together)
  • Then add the skull onto one layer of the main black hat along with the yellow trim and cross bones, pin in place and sew. As above by hand or machine.


  • This is how my hat looked using a close zig zag stitch around all of the applique.
  • Odds&Soxlets-FREE-Pirate-Hat-Pattern-Step-By-Steps-5Now pin together the two red bandana caps and sew either by hand or machine. I have used two lines of straight stitching and one of zig zag.
  • Odds&Soxlets-FREE-Pirate-Hat-Pattern-Step-By-Steps-6Then turn the right way round and tie a knot in the side with the two strips.


  •  Lay the two black sections of the hat together (ensuring the applique is facing inwards), pin the side together and sew.Odds&Soxlets-FREE-Pirate-Hat-Pattern-Step-By-Steps-7
  •  And then the top, again I have used two lines of straight stitching and one of zig zag.


  • Turn the hat the right way round and top stitch this same line and a little at the edge of each side two if necessary. to ensure the shape remains.Odds&Soxlets-FREE-Pirate-Hat-Pattern-Step-By-Steps-9
  • Place the black hat over the top of the red bandana at a slight angle and pin in place.Odds&Soxlets-FREE-Pirate-Hat-Pattern-Step-By-Steps-10
  • Then sew all the way around the base to keep in place. I used two lines of straight stitch.


  • You should then have a finished pirate hat! Here is my son modelling this one with a little extra one I had to make his cat doll so he could join in the fun too!Odds&Soxlets-FREE-Pirate-Hat-Pattern-Step-By-Steps-Finished-Hat
    This pirate hat pattern can be made more simple if you wish by just either making the black outside section or even the bandana alone. You can change the colours too and if you wanted to you could make of different fabric. Just remember that you would need to add additional seam allowances and sew a few more area’s than mentioned above as this pattern has been drafted to be made out of felt which doesn’t fray!I shall add photo’s to my blog later in the week of my son in his full outfit and if you fancy showing me your pirate hat made with this pattern then please either email me or pop over to my Facebook page to share.