Copyright protection applies to works in digital and tangible form, according to Copyright Law. All of the artwork, illustrations, designs, photography and products on this site are the interlectual propety of Erica Martyn of Odds & Soxlets. Copyright protection also applies to works accessed via network (world wide web sites, homepages, FTP etc etc) Erica Phillips expressly prohibits the copying of files and documents transmitted and/or downloaded via network or in any manner from this site without written permission.


Odds & Soxlets does not give anyone permission to copy the unique designs of Erica Martyn or use any of her photographs on any social networking site or blog without written permission from Erica Martyn herself. Electronic text and image files, literary material including databases, pictorial and graphic works, audiovisual material and software are protected by copyright laws and may be covered by additional restrictions.

You may not use/pin any pictures of her work or blog content, with the intention of copying any of her original designs or suggesting that they are an example of work other than that of Odds & Soxlets. Odds & Soxlets are happy for people to share our work on social networking site – for example using the share button on Facebook or RT on Twitter however please ensure that you refer back to Lottie Rose Designs at all times.

Copyright Ownership and Transfer

Paying for an image does not mean you own the copyright. Unless otherwise requested the copyright of any design work carried out remains with Erica Martyn under her business Odds & Soxlets (or the copyright of Erica Phillips under her new design business Lottie Rose Designs). Images may only be used by the person or business they were purchased for, they are non-transferable. They may not be used to make products that gain revenue unless otherwise agreed. They may be altered in size so long as the original proportions remain the same however these images must not be changed in colour or altered in any other way unless otherwise agreed. Odds & Soxlets reserves the right to deny or terminate permission to use any of her creative designs, artwork and illustrations and Erica will not hesitate to pursue legal action if required.

If you would like to own the copyright of an image which Erica Martyn has created for you, a separate fee on top of the cost of the creation of the image itself will be charged to you. Copyright transfer of an image from Erica Martyn must be made in writing, an agreement between both parties bearing both signatures, including payment. You will receive two copies of stating the terms for copyright transfer of which Erica Phillips will have already signed and dated. You will be required to sign both copies, keep one for your records and send the duplicate back to Erica Martyn at the given address. Once the transfer has been made in writing and Erica Martyn has received your payment you will hold exclusive rights to your image; the image is yours to keep and use however you choose, on whatever you’d like for as long as you wish for a life time.

 You will receive the original image to keep in your possession. Erica Martyn will not sell your image, or copies of your image, to other entities. Erica Martyn will only use your image for portfolio purposes in a non-competitive manner on her website/s or / and in a physical art portfolio.

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